Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations



TITLE 1.            Commerce Department
    Subtitle A.       Northeast Philadelphia Airport
     Subtitle B.        Philadelphia International Airport

TITLE 2.            Finance Department  
     Subtitle A.       Bureau of Administrative Adjudication
     Subtitle B.        Minority Business Enterprise  
     Subtitle C.        MBEC

TITLE 3.            Licenses and Inspections  
     Subtitle A.      
  Administrative Code  
     Subtitle B.        Building Accessibility  
     Subtitle C.        Building Code  
     Subtitle D.        Burglary Alarm Systems  
     Subtitle E.         Businesses, Trades and Professions  
     Subtitle F.         Carnivals  
     Subtitle G.        Center City Sidewalk Sales  
     Subtitle H.        Certifications of Rental Suitability  
     Subtitle I.          Contractor License  
     Subtitle J.          Curbcuts for Parking  
     Subtitle K.        Dance Hall Licenses  
     Subtitle L.         Dumpsters  
     Subtitle M.      Early Morning  Operations
     Subtitle N.        Electrical Code  
     Subtitle O.        Expediters  
     Subtitle P.        Fire Code  
     Subtitle Q.        Fire Suppression System Work  
     Subtitle R.         Germantown Corridor  
     Subtitle S.        Handbills  
     Subtitle T.        Home Inspection
     Subtitle U.       Local Option  
     Subtitle V.        Newsstands  
     Subtitle W.       Non Use Related Permits  
     Subtitle X.        Outdoor Advertising  
     Subtitle Y.        Outdoor Signs  
     Subtitle Z.        Permit Fee Audits  
     Subtitle AA.    Plumbing Code  
     Subtitle BB.    Public Art  
     Subtitle CC.    Public Space Signage  
     Subtitle DD.   Requests for Reasonable
    Subtitle EE.     Residential Code  
     Subtitle FF.     Reviewing Stands  
     Subtitle GG.    Sidewalk Cafes  
     Subtitle HH.   Sidewalk Vendors in Neighborhood  
     Subtitle II.      Signs at Service Stations  
     Subtitle JJ.     Street and Sidewalk Sales Vendors  
    Subtitle KK.   Transfer of Development Rights
     Subtitle LL.   University City Sidewalk Sales  
    Subtitle MM.  Zoning Board
of Adjustment


TITLE 4.            Miscellaneous
     Subtitle A.      
Ethics Board  
     Subtitle B.      Fairmount Park Commission  
     Subtitle C.      Historical Commission  
     Subtitle D.      Human Relations Commission  
     Subtitle E.       Law Department  
     Subtitle F.       Managing Director’s Office  
     Subtitle G.      Police Advisory Commission  
     Subtitle H.      Tax Revi
ew Board

TITLE 5.            Pensions and Retirement Board  
     Subtitle A.       Regulation No. 1  
     Subtitle B.       
Regulation No. 2  
     Subtitle C.       
Regulation No. 3  
     Subtitle D.       
Regulation No. 4  
     Subtitle E.        
Regulation No. 5  
     Subtitle F.        
Regulation No. 6  
     Subtitle G.       
Regulation No. 7  
     Subtitle H.       
Regulation No. 8

TITLE 6.            Personnel Department   
     Subtitle A.       Civil Service Regulations

TITLE 7.            Police Department  
     Subtitle A.       Alcoholic Beverages  
     Subtitle B.       
Fees for Criminal Records  
     Subtitle C.       



 TITLE 8.            Procurement Department
     Subtitle A.       Debarment and Suspension of Vendors
     Subtitle B.     Early Qualification
     Subtitle C.     Local Bidding Preferences

TITLE 9.            Public Health Department  
    Subtitle A.       Air Management
    Subtitle B.    
Animal Management
    Subtitle C.     Asbestos
    Subtitle D.   
Barber and Beauty
    Subtitle E.     Birth Center
    Subtitle F.     Charge Policy
    Subtitle G.    Commercial Horse Stables 
Subtitle H.     Control o
f Communicable Diseases
   Subtitle I.          Disposal of Infectious Waste
    Subtitle J.          Food Establishments
    Subtitle K.        Grievance Procedures
Subtitle L.         Immunizations
Subtitle M.      Lead Paint
Subtitle N.        Maternity and Newborn
Subtitle O.        Milk
Subtitle P.         Noise
Subtitle Q.        Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments  

TITLE 10.             Public Property Department
    Subtitle A.       Alcoholic Beverages -Veterans Stadium
    Subtitle B.       
CATV Systems Plants
    Subtitle C.       
Private Automatic Fire Alarm
    Subtitle D.       
Telephone Service Provider Access

TITLE 11.             Records Department
    Subtitle A.       Copying Police Reports
    Subtitle B.       
Fee Schedule
    Subtitle C.       
Recording Real Estate Instruments
    Subtitle D.       
Recording Surcharges


TITLE 12.             Revenue Department
    Subtitle A.       General
    Subtitle B.       
Amusement Tax
    Subtitle C.       
Business Privilege Tax
    Subtitle D.       
Income Tax
    Subtitle E.        
Liquor Sales Tax
    Subtitle F.        
Parking Tax
    Subtitle G.       
Real Estate Transfer Tax
    Subtitle H.       
School Income Tax
    Subtitle I.         
Use and Occupancy Tax
    Subtitle J.         
Vehicle Rental Tax

TITLE 13.             Streets Department
    Subtitle A.       Applications for Installation of Curb
    Subtitle B.       
    Subtitle C.       
Construction Dumpsters
    Subtitle D.       
Discarded Waste Collectors
    Subtitle E.        
Municipal Collection of Recyclables
    Subtitle F.        
Municipal Collection of Refuse
    Subtitle G.       
Newsstands and Newspaper Honor Boxes
    Subtitle H.       
Openings and Restoring Street Openings
    Subtitle I.         
Placing of Refuse
    Subtitle J.         
Private Collection of Recyclables
    Subtitle K.       
Private Waste Collectors
    Subtitle L.        
Prohibit Parking and Provide for Towing
    Subtitle M.     
Right-of-Way Management
    Subtitle N.       
Setout Time and Place Requirements
    Subtitle O.       
Snow Emergency Routes
    Subtitle P.        
Street Openings and Excavations
    Subtitle Q.       
Structure Concrete
    Subtitle R.       
Surfacing of Private Parking lots

TITLE 14.            Water Department
Subtitle A.       Water Department Regulations





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